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Rosin Resin For Road Marking Paint

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Rosin resin for road marking paintis made from gum rosin with unsaturated diacid and polyol via adduct reaction and esterification. It is also added heat-stability, light-stability agents to increase anti-yellowish ability.

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Product details:

Products Appearance Softening Point (oC, Ring & Ball) Acid Value (mg KOH/g) Color (Gardner, 50% in toluene)
Transparent, light yellow solid  
12 max
Transparent, light yellow solid  
12 max  
It is specialized for hot-melt road marking paint with many well-features as anti-pressure, anti-yellowish, anti-pollution, anti-abrasion and quick dryness.  It can be mixed and melt with petroleum resin and EVA for producing hot-melt road marking paint.

25 kg net in kraft paper bag.

Storage and transportation:
Kept airtightly in poor light, dry and cool place. Not co - stored and mix - carried with spontaneous articles, strong oxidizer, strong acid. Only handled according to the stipulations of inflammables.



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