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The duo powerful tractors in the world
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The duo powerful tractors in the world
The duo trucks Scania and Volvo FH16 730 750 have crossed the supercar power and the interior is not inferior to luxury cars.

  Large trucks, or tractors are vehicles specially designed for the transportation of goods. The vehicles are manufactured with the size, strength and different payloads. In particular, some trucks have the power to make the car today must also embarrassed when compared to them. Currently the title tractors world's strongest competition between the two companies as Scania and Volvo Sweden.

  These two companies have a long history in the production truck, but the war to the throne powerful tractors in the world peaked in 2009 when Volvo FH16 700 debuted with 700 horsepower. Immediately Scania R730 responded with 730 horsepower capacity. However titles tractors world's most powerful hand back when it launched Volvo FH16 750, 750 horsepower capacity.

Scania R730

Scania R730
Scania R730

 Is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, Scania has a history starting in 1891, the company specializes in producing trucks and tractors for the transportation service worldwide.

  In 2004, Scania began producing R-Series trucks and twice won international awards Truck of the Year in 2005 and 2010.

  The most powerful trucks of Scania was the R730, of the R-Series. Vehicles are equipped with 16.4-liter V8 diesel engine, turbocharger. Vehicle easy reach maximum capacity of 730 horsepower at 1,900 rpm rev / min and maximum torque of 3,500 Nm at 1,350 rpm rev / min. Vehicles with three options as Scania GRSO925R gearbox, gearbox and gearbox Overdrive 14 Scania Retarder Range.

  Equip enables Scania R730 on can easily reach speeds of 100 km / h with 77 tons of cargo behind.

  Vehicles equipped with fuel tank has a capacity of 850 liters, when running with load factors, the "taking" of Scania R730 fuel is 2 liters of oil for 1 km road.

  But the truck but furnished in the car also not inferior to the luxury car. Driver's seat is leather luxurious and hand Statistics. Inside the car there are wood paneled, the passenger seat can be folded neatly.


  The technology and equipment on the vehicle include itinerary monitoring system, the screen displays in the control panel is controlled by buttons on the steering wheel, climate control, air conditioning, refrigerator, two bedrooms and rubber floor mats.

Volvo FH16 750

Volvo FH16 750
Volvo FH16 750

  Although born after Scania but not so that of Volvo trucks outdone rival countryman

  Throughout the history of development, Volvo has always formed for the big trucks to compete with Scania.

  In 1991, Volvo launched officially FH trucks. Up to now has more than 400,000 line of Volvo FH trucks are sold worldwide.
FH16 750 is equipped with a diesel engine 6 cylinder aligned, 16.0 liter capacity. The capacity to produce 730 horsepower and maximum torque of 3,550 Nm at 1,050 rpm rev / min. Go with this engine is automatic gearbox I-Shift. Fuel tank capacity is 570 liters of car. Volvo FH16 750 is specifically designed with the ability to pull heavy cargo up to 250 tonnes.

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