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The beautiful house is made of container

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The beautiful house is made of container
With bold ideas and wealth creation, personality employers container transformed into a beautiful array lovely space.

  Although the tank is not simple chuacontainer to decorate, but to those people who like the challenge, and novelties, they are willing to recycle the barrels into lovely homes, matching the needs of the family. Invite you to admire nhungngoi house the barrels are made from extremely beautiful container and amenities below.


  With its unique design concept, the kethop between dark and materials, and stunning surroundings, here lanoi relaxing with friends.

  The blue barrels duocson container, part of the barrel is cut to form the sliding door and windows.
The house consists of many large sliding glass doors and view the scenery very outside. To fully satisfy the demands of modern life with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, living space is a very unique!


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