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Investment projects offers
    Our company have 50 years 3.500m2 project located on Highway 1A (first right city Vinh) with the front 400m, now we have completed the warehouse with a total area of 2.000m² We unexpectedly work with units you have business needs, lease land, our warehouse.

Especially with frontage advantage we hope all business enterprises oto kinds can partner with us in the showroom sales
All transactions please contact Sales Corporation Container Security Technology.
In Nghe An:

Address: 249 - Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An
Tel       : 0238 3848005
Fax      : 0238 3848004
Mobi    : 0903459119
Email   : info@vinhconship.com.vn


Nghe An Container Joint Stock Company - Hanoi Branch
Address: 76/5/5 Nguyen Chi Thanh - Dong Da - Hanoi
Tel       : 04 7756385
Fax      : 04 2660900
Email   : info@vinhconship.com.vn

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